Endless distance & cross-country trails

Val Gardena is a special treat for cross-country skiers: the Vallunga in Selva Gardena, the Monte Pana in S. Cristina and the Alpe di Siusi offer a unique, fantastic panorama.
The valley, which offers more than 133 km of well-prepared cross-country ski runs in all degrees of difficulty, can be described as the eldorado for cross-country skiers.

Crystal-clear air, in snow covered meadows and forests, the impressive Dolomite mountains: come and discover a little cross-country paradise!

Cross-country skiing in Selva Val Gardena

The Vallunga offers a great landscape for cross-country skiers in the Natural Park Puez – Odle, just north-east of Selva Val Gardena.

Only 15/20 minutes on foot from the parish church of Selva Val Gardena. You can park your car behind the training centre of the Carabinieri (parking place La Ciajota). In the near vicinity you will find the branch of the ski and cross-country school of Selva Val Gardena, which also serves as a meeting place and as a storage facility. A cross-country ski hire centre is also on site.

In the first, flat part of the Vallunga there are short cross-country slopes, identified by green and blue signs. Ideal for beginners.
For experienced cross-country skiers there is a 5 km red training slope, which has also been approved for national cross-country races.
If you're looking for a longer cross-country hike (black sign), the whole valley can be crossed on a 10 km itinerary until the “Pra da Rì“ field against the stunning backdrop of mountains. 

  • 1,5 Km slope 1 - level of difficulty: easy - altitude difference 23 m - green
  • 3,0 Km slope 2 - level of difficulty: easy - altitude differnece 55 m - blue
  • 5,0 Km slope 3 - level of difficulty: middle - altitude difference 81 m - red
  • 10,0 Km slope 4 - level of difficulty: difficult - altitude difference 210 m - black

At the entrance of the valley lies a biathlon centre: local athletes of the Ski Club Gardena train here as well as the Carabinieri sport group.

At the beginning of the Vallunga there are many opportunities to rest and quench your thirst and hunger.

For further information: Tourist Office Val Gardena Tel. +39 0471 777900 or the ski and cross-country school in Selva Val Gardena Tel. +39 0471 795156.

The DSV Nordic Active Park in Vallunga

The "DSV Nordic Active Park" in Vallunga is born as an innovative concept of the German Skiing Association DSV. The Centre is open all the year: in the winter for cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing and in the summer for nordic walking.

From Selva Gardena, Vallunga provides a magnificent backdrop for cross-country skiing. A total of 19 km of trails lead from the Carabinieri Sports Centre to the end of the valley. There is a cross-country Ski School and a ski hire at the start of the trail.

The Vallunga is also excellent for snowshoeing and snow-hiking.

Cross-country skiing in S. Cristina

Monte Pana is an ideal starting point for varied cross country excursions with a spectacular panorama.

For demanding cross-country skiers we recommend the 7,5 km "Val Scura" ski run. For hobby cross-country skiers we recommend the 5,2 km "Palusc" ski run, which leads you up and down to the fantastic "Palusc" meadow.

The Monte Pana cross-country ski runs are characterized by challenging ascents and thrilling descents. The detailed signposting on the over 30 km ski runs allows you to change route at any time and to arrive easily at the starting point.

Start from the stadium of the Cross-country Centre Monte Pana - S. Cristina:

  • 2,5 km Mont Dessot - level of difficulty: easy - altitude difference 89 m - blue
  • 5,2 km Palusc - level of difficulty: easy - altitude difference 191 m - blue
  • 3,3 km Vedl Verzon - level of difficulty: middle - altitude difference 118 m - red
  • 6,7 km La Buja - level of difficulty: middle - altitude difference 205 m - red
  • 7,5 km Val Scura - level of difficulty: difficult - altitude difference 272 m - black
  • 8,0 km Saltria - level of difficulty: difficult - black - connection to the Alpe di Siusi through a very challenging ski trail. There is also the possibility to access the Alpe di Siusi via bus.


  • Daily ticket 6,00 €
  • Weekly ticket for the whole area 25,00 €
  • Weekly ticket DNS 30,00 €
  • Season ticket for the whole area 60,00 €
  • Season ticket DNS 80,00 €

DNS= Dolomiti NordicSki

You can get more information at the phone number +39 331 7220927 or at the Tourist Office S. Cristina.

Cross-country skiing in Ortisei and on the Alpe di Siusi:

The true cross-country paradise of Ortisei lies on the Alpe di Siusi, where the sun shines all day long. An aerial cableway and and a gondola lift quickly take you to the 80 km long cross-country tracks at an altitude of 1.700-2.000 m. Regardless of the level of the individual cross-country skier, everyone can enjoy a breathtaking view and slopes encompassing all levels.

When you come from Ortisei the ideal starting point for all cross-country tracks is the Hotel Sole.

Right near the mountain station of the gondola you'll find a ski hire centre and an information office of the Ski and Cross-Country School Ortisei. They organise private lessons and even day trips.

There is a 4.5 km slope for both beginners and experts on the Passo Pinëi (5 km from Ortisei on the way to Castelrotto).

Further information can be obtained at the Ski and Cross-Country School Ortisei at +39 0471 796153.

Dolomiti NordicSki (DNS)

With about 1.300 km cross-country trails that are already accessible with a single pass, the Dolomiti NordicSki Areal is the largest in Europe.

It offers you:

  • about 1.300 km of cross-country trails;
  • perfect snow conditions guaranteed;
  • a fantastic experience between the breathtaking environment of the Dolomites;
  • common quality standards in each area, part of the organizing committee;
  • daily groomed tracks;
  • fixed prices for the entire area;
  • groups: every 21 people, one is free;
  • children until 14 years are free of charge


  • Daily ticket 5,00 €
  • Weekly ticket by zone 20,00 €
  • Weekly ticket Dolomiti NordicSki 25,00 €
  • Seasonal ticket 50,00 €
  • Seasonal ticket Dolomiti NordicSki 70,00€ (Cross-country instructors 50,00 €)

DNS= Dolomiti NordicSki

The mentioned map above is also available in all Tourist Offices.

Situation of the cross-country slopes

Selva Val Gardena
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnCross-country ski run blue - 3 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnCross-country ski run green - 1 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnCross-Country ski run Pra da Rì - 10 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnRed cross-country ski run - 5 km
S. Cristina
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnCentre - 1.2 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnLa Buja - 6.7 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnMont de sot - 2.5 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnPalusc - 5.2 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnTrack to Seiser Alm - 8 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnVal Scura - 7.5 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnVedl verzon - 3.3 km
Seiser Alm
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnBeginners Run - 2.1 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnCol del Lupo - 8.8 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnCompatsch - Ritsch - Compatsch - 5.4 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnGiogo/Joch Cross-Country Trail - 15.4 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnHartl Cross-Country Trail - 12 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnLink trail Ritsch-Saltria - 4.2 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnLink trail Saltria - Monte Pana - 3.9 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnLink trail Sonne - 3.2 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnMöser Cross-Country Trail - 5.5 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnPanorama Trail - 11.3 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnRitsch Cross-Country Trail - 1.4 km
Ortisei-Furnes - UmlaufbahnSaltria Cross-Country Trail - 5.9 km