Climbing routes

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An overview of the nicest assisted ropeways in Val Gardena and the vicinity: experience an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime.

The Pössnecker-Route

Piz Sella, 2941 m (Sella-Group)

Difficulty: extremely difficult
Starting point: Passo Sella, 2.240 m
Point of support: Passo Sella Refuge, 2.183 m
Difference in height: ascent: about 700 m, descent: about 700 m
Ascent: Passo Sella-Piz Selva, about 3 ½ hours
Descent: Piz Selva-Piz Gralba-Val Lasties-Passo Sella, about 4 hours
Climbing tour: about 2 ½ hours

This is one of the oldest routes in the Dolomites (1912) and is still now one of the most difficult. In late autumn the course is advised against in the early morning because of the frozen ground.

From Passo Sella, 2.240 m, you cross below the three Torri del Sella following a good path until arriving to a black-gray colored wall, which is very wet. Now the route brings us fastly to a big basin of rubble. Across the big terrace, 2.700 m, which surrounds the massif of the Sella, you arrive to the last part of the route. After having gone along a gorge, you reach the plateau covered with the rubble of the Sella-massif and finally the top (2.941 m).

Through the summits of the Piz Gralba, 2.974 m, Piz Miara, 2.965 m, and Piz Beguz, 2.972 m, you arrive to the path nr. 677, but you remain on the path nr. 649. On the fork before the Antersass, 2.908 m, you turn right, following the path nr. 647 and crossing the Val Lasties you arrive to the road to Passo Sella, 2.240 m, which you can reach by hitchhiking or on foot.

This is one of the most frequented routes.

The Brigata Tridentina

Franco Cavazza Refuge at Pisciadù, 2.583 m (Sellagroup)

Difficulty: difficult
Starting point: car park close to the station at the bottom of the material-cableway, 1.950 m, to the Franco Cavazza Refuge, between Passo Gardena and Colfosco.
Point of support: Colfosco, 1.615 m
Difference in height: ascent: about 600 m, descent: about 600 m
Ascent: car park-Franco Cavazza Refuge, about 3 hours
Descent: Franco Cavazza Refuge-Val Setus-car park, about 1 ½ hours
Climbing tour: about 2 ½ hours
Indication: starting early you can climb the Cima del Pisciadù, 2.985 m. Ascent and descent starting from the refuge about 2 ½ hours.

From the car park towards east to the fist steep, secured ascent. Now you reach the main tract of the route: a climbing until a rocky basin (there is the possibility to leave this route on the left side and follow a path until arriving to the refuge). Now you go on on the right side through rocks and cliffs, util arriving below the Torre Exner, 2.496 m. A hanging bridge at the end of the road is the highlight of the course. From here you reach the refuge in a few minutes.

From the refuge follow the path nr. 666 to nord-west, until arriving to the fork. Now proceed along the partially equipped path, so you arrive to Val Setus (pay attention at the beginning of the summer because some tracts may be covered with snow) and so you come back to the car park.

This is one of the most known routes in the Dolomites.

The Oskar-Schuster-Track

Sasso Piatto, 2.964 m (Sassolungogroup)

Difficulty: difficult
Starting point: Passo Sella Refuge, 2.153 m
Point of support: Vicenza Refuge/Sassolungo, 2.252 m
Difference in height: ascent: about 700 m, descent: about 1.200 m
Descent: Fork of Sassolungo-Vicenza Refuge/Sassolungo, about 45 minutes
Ascent: Sasso Piatto-Sasso Piatto Refuge-Passo Sella Refuge, about 2 ½ hours
Descent: Sasso Piatto-Sasso Piatto Refuge-Passo Sella Refuge, about 3 hours
Climbing tour: about 1 ½ - 2 hours
Indication: danger of ice and falling rocks

By cablecar from the Passo Sella Refuge, 2.183 m, to the Fork of Sassolungo, 2.679 m. Go down following the path nr. 525 until the Deep Valley of Sassolungo and Vicenza Refuge/Sassolungo, 2.252 m. If the weather conditions are not good, ask at the refuge for further information. From the refuge ascend across the Deep Valley of Sasso Piatto at the beginning of the climb. Attention! There are often snow-covered tracts! Now follow the signs through the nord side of the Sasso Piatto, along narrow rubble until the top of the Sasso Piatto, 2.964 m.

Along the path descend towards Sasso Piatto Refuge, nearby Giogo di Fassa, 2.297 m. From this point you can follow the easy path Federico Augusto until Passo Sella Refuge, 2.183 m.

The south-west side of Sasso Piatto is a well-known ski-slope in spring and the only top of the Sassolungogroup, which can be reached by normal walkers.