Climbing spots in Val Gardena

Val Gardena - a climbing paradise in the Dolomites

There’s no doubt about it: Val Gardena and the Dolomites are surely one of the most stunning climbing paradises in the world. Climbing takes place exclusively on the renowned dolomite rock, on the spectacular backdrop of the Sassolungo, Sella, the Gruppo delle Odle and the Meisules (Passo Sella). There are also countless trails in Val Gardena: short, long, hard, easy, suspended and flat.
The majority of the climbing gardens and the trails were opened by the members of Catores, the Val Gardena climbing guild.

City of Stones - Città dei Sassi

The City of Stones (Città dei Sassi) must be one of the most well-known climbing parks, sitting below the Sassolungo on the Passo Sella. It resulted from a colossal ravine and has been used as a training ground for many years. There are countless rocks with numerous trails which are also ideal for families. You can rope climb and boulder too. The large rocks are placed in such a way that you will find a cool spot in the shade even during the hot summer days.
You will find 29 trails (difficulty level 4), 24 trails (difficulty level 5c), 75 trails (difficulty level between 6a and 6c), and 13 trails (difficulty level above 7a). There are also 16 bouldering trails (difficulty level until 5c), 20 trails (difficulty level between 6a and 6c), 10 trails (difficulty level from 7a).
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You will be spoilt for choice even on Frea“ on the Passo Gardena. You will find a very interesting climbing wall with different trails, with one or more ropes. More than one of the 70 trails have ropes of different lengths. Most climbs occur on a vertical wall as well as on flat walls. What must be highlighted is the great atmosphere. There are 4 trails (difficulty level 4), 11 trails (difficulty level between 5a and 5b), 37 trails (difficulty level between 6a and 6c) and 21 trails (difficulty level above 7a).
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The Bernardi climbing wall is a small wall, but it promises peace and cool in a shaded forest. The trails are not particularly long and of medium difficulty. Ideal for sporty climbers. The climb is slightly suspended and occurs on ledges and holes. You will climb on dolomite rock here, too. Prepare for 5 trails (difficulty level between 6b and 6c) and 7 trails (difficulty level between 7a and 7b).
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If you want to reach new heights, don’t miss the superb many rope Traumpfeiler. There are up to six lengths of rope on the trails which are perfectly protected and demanding enough. An interesting, technical climb on walls with holes and a beautiful view across the Sassolungo.
You will find 4 trails (difficulty level below 6a), 32 trails (difficulty level between 6a and 6c), 19 trails (difficulty level between 7a and 7c) and 4 trails (difficulty level 8a).
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At the start of Ortisei you will find 35 artificial trails. The climbing wall comes from a former quarry. It is made of compact porhyr. Ideal during soft rain. The trails will dry very quickly.
Six trails (difficulty level 5c), 18 trails (difficulty trail between 6a and 6c), 9 trails (difficulty level between 7a and 7c) and 3 trails (difficulty level 8a).
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Climbing guide: "Climbing in Val Gardena and surroundings"
 – Level 3 - Mauro Bernardi
110 trails in Val Gardena and its surroundings divided by climbing type and difficulty with clear trail description and sketches.

Climbing in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the true paradise for all climbing fans.