Kneipp cure trail

A benefit for your circulation

Discover your well-being after walking barefooted trough the Val d’Anna Kneipp trail. During that fresh experience the body has a better circulation, it will be purified and your metabolism will be activated.
Water has the rule of mediator of temperature stimulus.

The concept of Priest Kneipp

Priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) was founder of this modern medicine. He was expert in different natural therapies while testing them on his own experience. The Kneipp therapy is more than one hundred years old, but it’s influence continues until nowadays to prevent social disease as for example hypertension, heart- or circulation problems.
The Kneipp therapy is based on the harmonic mix between water, medicinal plants, diet, movement and ruled life (the five Kneipp columns).

“To prevent is better than to cure”
Sebastian Kneipp