Running & Nordic Walking

Joy of life among natural surroundings in Val Gardena

Val Gardena can be described as THE runners’ paradise in the Dolomites. Discover the endless running possibilities in the Val Gardena holiday region: its multitude of routes, surrounded by unique scenery, is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Trail running on unpaved roads offers what urban running enthusiasts often search for in vain: joint-saving, varied runs in fantastically beautiful landscapes. Running in the mountains is also absolutely recommended for flat-terrain runners, as the production of red blood cells is stimulated through the lower oxygen levels, leading to a better oxygen supply to the muscles. Running in the mountains is a challenge for coordination and balance, which in turn has positive effects on a clean and economical running style. And climate conditions during the summer months in Val Gardena are ideal; when it’s hot and sticky in the valley below, mild temperatures in the mountains allow for any outdoor activity. All in all, training in the mountains offers nothing but advantages.

Brochure Val Gardena Running

Brochure Val Gardena Running (ebook)

Nordic Walking has at its basis a new and completely revolutionary, scientifically proven concept of movement. You step forward with special sticks that with each step swing alongside your body. This brings 90% of your muscles into play, the movement will take the strain from you, stored energy will gradually come into play.

Val Gardena is the ideal place to practice this innovative sport activity.

Information about the “Nordic Aktiv Park” in Selva Gardena: