Nature parks – nature protection

Nature Reserve Puez-Odle

The Puez-Odle-Rasciesa Nature Reserve occupies a total area of over 23,000 acres comprising mainly rocky uplands (average altitude 2,500 m) in the northwestern Dolomites. It is a region of exceptional beauty and a wealth of natural treasures. Above all it is a region of contrasts, with jagged rocky crests, the bizarre products of erosion and interesting karst formations on the one hand, and wide open uplands and woods on the other.

The park was established for reasons of environmental protection, research, education in the field of ecology, and also recreation.

The Nature Reserve has a number of core areas, where no man-made structures or infrastructure are permitted. Visitors also have to accept a number of restrictions. Above all private transport is not allowed, and visitors are not permitted to pick flowers or mushrooms, or to collect minerals or fossils. Care must be taken not to damage the biotopes. Such regulations are essential if the Nature Reserve is to be preserved in all its variety for future generations.
Information on guided excursions at the Val Gardena Tourist Offices and the Val Gardena Mountain Guide Offices.

Protecting the environment


  • Keep to the paths and spare meadows and mountain pastures;
  • Do not leave any litter. Carry all wrappers, cans etc. back down to the valley for disposal;
  • Do not pick protected flowers;
  • Do not make unnecessary noise that might frighten the game. Respect the natural habitat of all animals;
  • Observe the regulations when you are in a Nature Reserve;
  • Keep to the cycle tracks and forest roads when using a mountain bike;
  • Never light a fire in the woods. That is a threat to human life and to the environment, and not just during a dry summer.

There are strict rules for picking mushrooms: in Selva Gardena and S. Cristina a maximum of 1 kilogram per adult may be picked on even days only, and you need a ticket from the Post Office S. Cristina or the Selva Gardena Tourist Office). The ticket costs € 8,00.
Picking mushrooms is illegal throughout the territory of Ortisei.