Trekking tours in Val Gardena

The Dolomite hiking world

You can discover the mountain world on well-developed roads and paths. Cable-cars enable you to access the higher-lying areas.
Original alpine and refuge huts invite you to relax. On hot summer days, it is particularly refreshing to hike in higher-lying areas and enjoy nature!

The experience of a high altitude hike in Val Gardena

Here you can find some interesting high altitude hike proposals in Val Gardena. Have fun exploring the magnificent landscape of the Dolomites!

Curona de Gherdëina: Trekking of 4 days on the crown of Val Gardena

“Curona de Gherdëina” is the unique trekking tour on the fascinating mountain crown of Val Gardena on over 2.000 height meters. The 60 kilometres long tour goes from the Natural Park Puez-Odle in the northeast (Unesco World Heritage), to the Sella plateau in the southeast and the Sassolungo mountain group in the south of the valley.

The path of the shepherd: the hut hike for connoisseurs

The Alpe di Siusi high Alpine pasture is renowned as one of the most popular hiking areas in South Tyrol, not only because this extensive high mountain pasture is the largest in Europe catering to just about everyone, but even more so because it continues to surprise even those who believe they already know it like the back of their hand.
Start from Monte Pana and let yourself be surprised...


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Trekking App "Val Gardena-Gröden Outdoor"

Do you want to plan your tours and excursion in advance? If you use the Trekking App of Val Gardena it would be very easy!
The official outdoor app of DOLOMITES Val Gardena "Val Gardena-Gröden Outdoor" is a complete outdoor guide for Val Gardena, the magical outdoor paradise in the heart of the Dolomites. Mountain excursions, skiing excursions, high altitude hikes, climbing adventures, topographical maps with a 1:25,000 scale.

Don’t miss the tour Val Gardena 2000

A circuit around Val Gardena above 2000 m

Starting point, direction stages:
Can be chosen individually an can be altered as desired according to condition and ability.

Good condition, a head for heights and surefootedness especially at the Sella traverse is necessary.

Overnight stays:
Overnight stays at huts should be booked in advance

The circuit "Val Gardena 2000" is to be found in the Tabacco Map, sheet: Val Gardena-Alpe di Siusi, 1:25.000, marked with a capital "G"and in the Kompass Map: No. 616

1st day
Ortisei, 1236 m - funicular Rasciesa, 2013 m - Brogles-Hut (mark 35), 1 1/2 hrs. (tour 7) - Pana wind gap (mark 6), 1 1/2 hrs. - Troier Alp (refreshments) - Regensburger/Firenze-Hut, 2037 m (mark 1), 1 hr.

2nd day
Regensburger Hut, 2037 m, Puez-Hut, 2475 m (usual route: mark 2), 3 1/2 hrs. (tour 48) -Gardenaccia/Puez plains - Passo Crespeina 2528 m, and Passo Cir, 2469 m - Passo Gardena, 2137 m (mark 2 and 2 in a red triangle), 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. Overnight stay: Frara, Hotel Cir.

3rd day
Passo Gardena, 2137 m - Val Setùs - Pisciadù Hut, 2587 m, (mark 666), 1 1/2 hrs. (tour 17) - Boè Hut (mark 666, respectively 2 in a red triangle, Dolomites-High-Altitude-Way), 2 - 2 1/2 hrs. (tour 17).

4th day
Boè Hut - back on trail from the previous day across the weathered Antersass ridge to the freestanding sign-post, where trail 647 branches off to the south. Descent through the Lastìes valley and at its exit to the right, now with mark 656, ascending to the west to a turn on the Passo Sella pass road. On foot or by hitchhiking (2.8 km) to the mountain pass and traversing the pass downwards to the Passo Sella Inn, 2180 m, 3 hrs. fom the Boè Hut. From there on on foot within 1 1/2 hrs. (mark 525) or by cable railway to the Toni-Demetz-Hut, 2681 m (overnight stay available) and in one more hour to the Sassolungo-Hut, 2253 m. Alternative from the Passo Sella: overnight stay in Valentini-Hut (road access, 15 min).

5th day
a) Sassolungo-Hut - Sasso Piatto-Hut, 2297 m, (mark 525, then 572), 2hrs. - further on, see b) b) Valentini-Hut - Restaurant Salei - Passo Rodella , 2308 m , Federico-Augusto-Path (mark 594/4) - Sasso Piatto-Hut, 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. - Alpe Tiers, 2441 m, (mark 4), 2-2 1/2 hrs., - Sciliar Inn, 2457 m (mark 4), 2 hrs.

6th day
Sciliar Inn - touring trail (mark 1) - Saltner Hut - Alpe di Siusi, 1 hr. Traversing the mountain pasture to the northeast (at the bridge cross the Tschapit river, shortly after the Saltner-Hut we leave mark 5 to the right with marking "S" to the Laurin mountain restaurant. Further on along the Restaurant Panorama, Ritsch, Icaro and the Hotel Sole to the cable railway to Ortisei), approximately 2 -2 1/2 hrs. On foot down the valley: 200 steps west of the Ritsch restaurant the road to the "Sole" hotel branches off northwards and the Bulla path which descends to the village Bulla past the Monte Piz restaurant, soon branches off to the left. At the village entrance, by the Mesavia restaurant, choose the path to Roncadizza (suburb of Ortisei). 1 1/2 hrs. from the Ritsch restaurant.