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Südtirol Balance

a break in DOLOMITES Val Gardena

You need a break every now and again so you can rest and recharge ready for everyday life. DOLOMITES Val Gardena Balance – Südtirol makes this break a reality. Experts help you slow down and relax at special retreats on your mini break. On breaks at rejuvenating spots in the natural landscape of South Tyrol, participants will learn to re-focus on what is essential, to indulge themselves and to enjoy moments of complete mindfulness.

A South Tyrol Balance Experience
... is a time-out
... is deceleration according to Südtirol Balance interpretation
... has a lasting effect and contains much inspiration for application to everyday life

In 2019, the series of events will be offered for the first time, focusing on the topics of time-out and retreats in nature, and scheduled for spring/early summer and autumn. In Val Gardena the Südtirol Balance experiences will be offered from 01.06 to 30.06.2019 and from 14.09. to 13.10.2019.
The events will take place weekly and are suitable for adults and teenagers from 14 years of age. For all experiences a registration is necessary in one of the Tourism Associations in Val Gardena at Ortisei, S. Cristina or Selva Gardena.

"Balance" experiences in Val Gardena

Lowering your gaze: how letting go can reward you with your very own piece of nature

Wood sculptor Ivo Piazza accompanies participants into the Raschötzer forest, aiding them in getting closer to the nature of Val Gardena in a unique way. The gaze of the explorers is drawn to the ground, for a change, rather than swivelling up to the mountain summits. A stroll in the woods grounds the soul and restores your inner balance. Ivo Piazza teaches participants to walk through the forest with their eyes wide open, guiding their thoughts and eyes to the different trees and types of wood strewn across their path while parting with knowledgeable titbits about nature in general. Everyone will find a root they’re particularly fond of along the way, their own unique piece to take back home or shape as they please.

  • Day: every Tuesday
  • Venue: Raschötz wood
  • Meeting point: 9.00 a.m. in front of the tourist office Ortisei, Str. Rezia 1
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participation fee: 15 € per person for Val Gardena Active members, others 30 € per person (free for "Südtirol Balance" partner accommodation users)
  • Registration & Info: Tourist Office Ortisei - Tel. +39 0471 777 600 - ortisei@valgardena.it
Südtirol Balance Gröden - Von der Wurzel zum Unikat
Südtirol Balance Gröden - Von der Wurzel zum Unikat

Nature, me, and the present: hold on to that moment!

Markus Schenk, a watercolour painter, invites participants to pack their crayons rather than their smartphones, and head with him to the Ausseraschötz. There they’ll look around for a pretty spot from which to observe nature. Everyone is different and will cherish their very own special moment. Normally, one would snap a picture on their smartphone: not this time! Participants are invited to reach for their colours and sketchbook. The budding artists are called to focus on nature employing all their senses, take a step back, and immortalise their special moment using their crayons. Markus Schenk will be at their side to give helpful pointers and helping everyone find their special moment.

  • Day: each Thursday
  • Venue: Raschötz wood
  • Meeting point: 9.30 a.m. in front of the Tourist Office Ortisei, Str. Rezia 1
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Participation fee: 20 € per person for Val Gardena Active members, others 45 € per person (free for "Südtirol Balance" partner accommodation users)
  • Registration & Info: Tourist Office Ortisei - Tel. +39 0471 777 600 - ortisei@valgardena.it

Partner accommodation "Südtirol Balance" in Val Gardena

In Val Gardena there are several hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and holiday apartments partners of DOLOMITES Val Gardena Balance – Südtirol. As a guest of any of these partners you can participate in the above mentioned Südtirol Balance Experiences in Val Gardena free of charge. In addition, the participating partners often offer other interesting activities based on Südtirol Balance.

Südtirol Balance partner accommodation in Val Gardena

Balance Tipps

When was the last occasion you had for some ‘me time’? Gröden Balance is an opportunity for everyone wanting to improve their wellbeing and joie de vivre this spring. Our select events with experts in the field coupled to awakening to the sound of a thawing nature will provide for all the good disposition you need on your holiday. Our practical tips will inspire readers to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Balance Tipps

Stretch and uplift your spirit

Stand on your tiptoes and take a deep breath of the apple blossom’s aroma on the nearby tree. Reach for the ground to pick up a pretty rock. Lunge across the narrow brook in the forest. And why don’t you try and see if you can get your arms around the powerful chestnut? Stretch out in harmony with nature.

A sports drink with pizzazz

The best sports drink is one made with what nature has on offer: a watered down South Tyrolean apple juice with a pinch of salt replenishes our liquids lost during an intense sport session. Ready for a new challenge!

Top up your energies with a ‘Kneipp coffee’

The ‘Kneipp coffee’ is the perfect solution when suffering from physical or spiritual fatigue, boosting your circulation in a natural manner. Replace your regular coffee and kick off the day by filling a bathtub or washbasin with cold water. Dip your right arm into the tub up to the elbow, followed by the left arm; gently move your arms and fingers in the water. Count to thirty and remove the arms from the water at the latest when it starts to become uncomfortable. Shake the remaining water off your arms and let the fresh, outdoor air dry them off. That’s one way to start the day with a kick!

A good night’s sleep does wonders for your quality of life

Our organism regenerates itself while we sleep. Follow your bio-rhythm during your holiday, integrating simple tricks into your everyday life. Open the windows, air the rooms and make sure the temperature is about 18°C. Relax before going to sleep by going for a walk, taking a warm bath, or listening to peaceful music. Turn your phone off or activate flight-safe mode to reduce the amount of radiation.

Running without being short of breath

Close your eyes and open up all your senses to nature. Listen to nearby sounds and breathe in all the scents you come across. Breathe through your nose. Exhale. Focus exclusively on breathing. Start running and focus on maintaining a calm, deep, and regular breathing. In a few moments, your legs will follow your breathing rhythm, and not the other way round.


Südtirol Balance - Val Gardena
Südtirol Balance - Val Gardena