Magic town - The Val Gardena Christmas market for children and families

Center Iman - S. Cristina - South Tyrol

The blue and wintry light of the ice world meets the cosy and inviting light of the huts and creates a perfect Christmas atmosphere and a special winter experience. Magic town - the Val Gardena Christmas Market for children and families is worth seeing. The thoroughly decorated and traditional huts offer local and sustainable products, here you will surely find an ideal Christmas present for your loved ones. Jokki, the auspicious little tree, invites all of the children in his magic world and enchants all the visitors. Meanwhile qualified animators entertain the children on the square; the adults can unwind with great company, while keeping their children under surveillance. S. Cristina accomplishes a magic Christmassy world, which goes beyond the borders of the market and affects the whole town.

Topic: Gastronomy/regional products, Handicrafts/customs, Music/dance
GPS coordinates: east 11.725600°, north 46.556900°
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Shop Association S. Cristina

S. Cristina
- South Tyrol