Val Gardena Outdoor APP

The outdoor guide and information APP for Val Gardena

The official outdoor app of Val Gardena-Gröden Marketing is a complete outdoor guide for Val Gardena, the magical outdoor paradise in the heart of the Dolomites.
Mountain excursions, skiing excursions, high altitude hikes, climbing adventures, topographical maps with a 1:25,000 scale. The map can be viewed online and offline and comes in two different views (summer/winter).

The gem of the Val Gardena outdoor app is its vast, ever-growing database of tours. Users can choose from a vast selection of ski, mountain, high altitude, and climbing tours as well as trekking and mountain bike trails, free ride downhills, footpaths and much, much more:

  • Sort alphabetically
  • Sort by distance
  • Sort by sport
  • Quality: depending on the tour
  • Challenges: the tours can be sorted according to route, difficulty, or duration
  • and more...

The tour description contains all you need to know on the activities, including their altitude

Emergency function

Use an emergency call function in case of emergencies to establish a link with the emergency station, where your current position will appear on a screen.

Tool box

The app also features a very useful tool box which will allow you to access a

  • altimeter
  • elevation gain measurer
  • compass

One important piece of advice:
the altitude values shown by the altimeter of the tool box are based on the current location and on the altitude model of the map. Important: the altimetre cannot be calibrated using barometres and should be used only for loose points of references. It doesn’t replace a correctly calibrated altimeter.
Attention: when using the app abroad you may incur in high roaming coasts. Your battery may run short when using the app in the background with an activated GPS!

Val Gardena App

Useful and smart: the Val Gardena app

The official Val Gardena APP for APPLE and ANDROID operating systems can be used anywhere in Val Gardena even at home while planning your trip to the Ladin valley.

Coupled with stunning images this mobile and interactive guide enables you to find postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and website details. The application has an easy navigation menu that leads you directly to what you want to do.

The Val Gardena–Gröden APP is available in German, Italian and English language.

Have fun and welcome to the Val Gardena APP!