13th "Volkssport Olympiad"

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13th "Volkssport Olympiad“ in Val Gardena

2013 was no ordinary year for Val Gardena. In early summer an „Olympic Games“ took place in South Tyrol, right here in Val Gardena, in the middle of the Dolomites, the location in fact having been chosen as the venue for the 13th "Volkssport Olympiad". Three years earlier, the choice of location had been voted on in Luxembourg in a meeting of 103 delegates from the IVV member associations (International People's Sports Association) from 26 nations. The IVV Volkssport Olympiad 2013 had been awarded to Val Gardena by secret ballot from among numerous candidates!

The event itself, which was initiated by the International Volkssportverband (IVV), can probably be described as one of the biggest amateur sports events in the world. Here the most common of everyday sporting activities and general good fun are very much the centre of focus. From 25-29.06.2013, participants from all over the world had several disciplines to choose from. Among these were of course the classical activities of hiking, cycling and swimming.

Val Gardena was able to offer the general public other specialised activities such as climbing, bouldering, slacklining and freeride mountain biking. In the style of the "big" Olympics, a very special supporting programme with cultural and enogastronomic events was also offered. After an amazing opening ceremony and outstanding Games in general it was a spectacular closing ceremony which rounded off the overall programme.

A total of almost 10,000 people took part in the events over a period of several days. Many of the participants had never been to South Tyrol or the Dolomites before,  and were simply thrilled by the landscape. And one thing counted above all for all, the Olympic thought: "Being there is everything".