Open slopes

Up-to-date information of open slops in Val Gardena / Alpe di Siusi

Which slops are open in Val Gardena and Alpe di Siusi? Is the Sellaronda open? Which downhill slopes are open? You can find all information at a glance here:

500 km of connected slopes
Open slopes478 km (Tot. 478 km)
Possible return to the valley on skigood skiing possibilities
Open lifts220 (Tot. 224)
Uphill facilities are open since06.12.2017
Uphill facilities will presumably be open until08.04.2018
ski circuitopen / closedlast update
Sellaronda clockwiseopened
23.01.2018, 09:58
ski circuitopen / closedlast update
Sellaronda counter-clockwiseopened
23.01.2018, 09:58

List of open slopes in Val Gardena / Alpe di Siusi

Number of open slopes:168 of 168
Km of skiable slopes:175 of 175 km

Pisteopen / closedDifficulty
Ortisei: Resciesa - Seceda - Col Raiser - S. Cristina
Catoresopened Hard
Catores - Fermedaopened Medium
Col Raiser - Plan Da Tiejaopened Easy
Colraiseropened Medium
Colraiser - Fermedaopened Easy
Curonaopened Easy
Fermeda 1opened Medium
Fermeda - S.Cristinaopened Easy
Fermeda 2opened Medium
Gran Pelaopened Hard
La Longiaopened Medium
La Longiaopened Medium
Berg Fermeda - Bergstation Secedaopened Medium
Pitla Pelaopened Medium
Pitla Pela Varianteopened Medium
Plan Da Tiejaopened Easy
Resciesa - Furnesopened Medium
Seceda - Fermedaopened Medium
Conn. Furdenan - cab. Ortiseiopened Easy
Alpe Di Siusi - Mezdíopened Easy
Furdenan 1opened Easy
Furdenan - Palmeropened Easy
Furdenan 2opened Easy
Palmer opened Easy
Palmer - Furdenanopened Easy
S. Cristina - Monte Pana
Alphaopened Hard
Bravoopened Medium
Bravoopened Medium
Cendevaves 1opened Easy
Cendevaves 2opened Easy
Charlyopened Easy
Connection Alpha Bravoopened Hard
Parallel 1opened Easy
Parallel 2opened Easy
Puntea 1opened Easy
Puntea 2opened Easy
Tschuckyopened Easy
Selva - Dantercepies
Connection Val - Risacciaopened Easy
Biancaneveopened Easy
Cadepuntopened Easy
Campo Freinaopened Medium
Ciropened Hard
Costabellaopened Medium
Dantercepiesopened Medium
Dantercepies opened Medium
Dantercepies - Risaccia opened Easy
Dantercepies - Selvaopened Easy
Frainellaopened Medium
Frara - Val Setusopened Medium
Freaopened Medium
Larciuneiopened Easy
Mickey Mouseopened Easy
Nivesopened Easy
Panoramaopened Medium
Wallopened Hard
Forest pistopened Easy
Risacciaopened Easy
Risacciaopened Easy
Valopened Easy
Val Setusopened Medium
Val Setusopened Medium
Val Setus - Ciropened Medium
Val Setus - Plausopened Medium
Vallelungaopened Hard
S. Cristina - Ciampinoi - Selva
Ciampinoi 3opened Hard
Ciampinoi 4opened Medium
Ciampinoi 5opened Medium
Ciampinoi 6opened Medium
Ciampinoi 6 - varianteopened Medium
Collegamento Saslong - Pista Bopened Medium
Piza Pranseies - Ciampinoi opened Medium
Ciampinoi - Saslongopened Hard
Saslong Bopened Medium
Sochersopened Medium
Sochers 2opened Medium
Terza Puntaopened Medium
Selva - Plan de Gralba
Ciampinoi - Piza Pranseiesopened Medium
Comici - Tramansopened Medium
Comici IIopened Medium
Falkopened Medium
Fungeia - Campo Freinaopened Easy
Gran Paradisoopened Easy
Gran Paradiso - Piz Seteuropened Easy
Paprikaopened Hard
Piz Sella 5opened Medium
Piz Sella 5opened Hard
Piz Seteur - Città dei Sassiopened Easy
Piz Seteur - Comiciopened Medium
Plan de Gralbaopened Medium
Pudraopened Easy
Sassolungoopened Medium
Schiappen-Sellaopened Easy
Sefopened Easy
Sefopened Medium
Sole/Piz Seteuropened Easy
Sotsaslongopened Easy
Bones Braker / Funtanesopened Medium
Tramansopened Medium
Selva - Sella Pass
5-Ditaopened Medium
Citta dei Sassiopened Easy
Collegamento gran paradiso citta dei sassiopened Easy
Gabiaopened Easy
Grohmannopened Medium
Martinelliopened Medium
Passo Sellaopened Medium
Rodellaopened Medium
Saleiopened Medium
Sas Betitopened Easy
Sasso Levanteopened Medium
Alpe di Siusi
Alpinopened Medium
Bambyopened Easy
Bamby - Panoramaopened Medium
Bamby - Steger Dellaiopened Medium
Euro - Laurin - Spitzbühlopened Medium
Euro - Laurin - Spitzbühlopened Medium
Euro 69opened Easy
Euro 70opened Medium
Eurotel 1opened Easy
Floralpina - Florianopened Medium
Floralpina - Punta d`Oroopened Medium
Floralpina 27opened Easy
Floralpina 28opened Medium
Florian - Zallinger - Floralpinaopened Medium
Florian 1opened Medium
Florian 2opened Medium
Frecciaopened Hard
Alpe Di Siusi - Mezdíopened Easy
Punta D`Oro 1opened Medium
Punta D`Oro 2opened Medium
Laurinopened Easy
Laurin - Panorama opened Easy
Laurin - Paradisoopened Easy
Laurin 2opened Medium
Laurin - Spitzbühlopened Medium
Laurin Valley - Spitzbühlopened Medium
Leo Demetzopened Medium
Leo Demetz - Mezdíopened Medium
Leo Demetz - Monte Pizopened Medium
Leo Demetz - Sanonopened Medium
Ludyopened Easy
Mezdíopened Medium
Mezdí - Leo Demetzopened Medium
Mezdí - Sanon 1opened Medium
Mezdí - Sanon 2opened Medium
Monte Pizopened Easy
Monte Piz - Icaro - Leo Demetzopened Medium
Panorama - Laurinopened Medium
Panorama - Paradisoopened Medium
Panorama 13opened Medium
Panorama 14opened Easy
Paradisoopened Medium
Puflatsch-Hexeopened Medium
Punta d`Oro - Floralpinaopened Medium
Raceopened Hard
Sanon 1opened Medium
Sanon 2opened Easy
Skischule - Eurotel 1 - Panoramaopened Easy
Speedtrapopened Medium
Spitzbühl - Laurinopened Medium
Spitzbühl 1opened Medium
Spitzbühl 2opened Medium
Spitzbühl 3opened Medium
Steger opened Medium
Steger - Panoramaopened Medium
Strega 1opened Easy
Strega 2opened Medium
Al Soleopened Easy
Al Sole - Mezdíopened Easy