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Dolomites Val Gardena logo

New logo "Dolomites Val Gardena" presented

DOLOMITES, a new system for a brand looking to the future

Val Gardena, after a long and elaborate process over several phases has presented a new strategy which has as its driving element the brand DOLOMITES.
At a “kick-off” event of the Tourism Associations of Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva, the results of this strategic process were presented to the public, a process which has resulted in the creation of a new VAL GARDENA logo, it integrated with that of DOLOMITES, and so by opening a possible prospective for the other valleys of the Dolomites.

Aperitif-Cocktail "Burning Dolomites"

"Burning Dolomites" is a very special natural spectacle, and the cocktail with the same name is dedicated to it.

Aperitif-Cocktail "Burning Dolomites"

"Burning Dolomites" is a very special natural spectacle, where the Dolomite peaks turn bright red at sunset. The "Burning Dolomites" cocktail of the same name is dedicated to this event.

FIS Ski World Cup Val Gardena celebrates its anniversary

S. Cristina will be transformed into the Saslong

FIS Ski World Cup Val Gardena celebrates its anniversary

The FIS Ski World Cup in Val Gardena celebrates its 50th anniversary.

S. Cristina is turning into a giant celebratory stage hosting the Italian Saslong champions of the past and present. They along with ski fans from the valley and members of the Organizing Committee will remember highlights of the last five decades.

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A live information system during your holiday in Val Gardena

Val Gardena Guestinfo

We are pleased to inform you about interesting news during your stay in Val Gardena. A new information system dedicated to guests staying in Val Gardena: Val Gardena Guestinfo.
This new system provides 360° live information about Val Gardena: weather, events, webcams, lifts, activities, shopping, gastronomy, bus-timetables and much more.

Alperia ECOdolomites in Val Gardena

The 8th Alperia ECOdolomites in Val Gardena is on the starting blocks

Green and electromobility in Val Gardena

Electromobility is extremely exciting. It is a lifestyle ideally combining the joy of driving with environmental awareness. Alperia ECOdolomites (from 09-11.09.2017) taking place this year for the eight time, offers an ideal platform to test new and innovative products and to present them to the public.

An autumn of hiking in Val Gardena!

Nature in all its glory, incredible views and a whole host of events are awaiting you

An autumn of hiking in Val Gardena!

Autumn in Val Gardena is all about hiking - when else is the air so clear, the summit views so spectacular and the temperature so pleasant? The Dolomite valley is at its most tranquil during September and October.

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Where zesty aperitifs and exclusive shopping await you

"Looong" evenings in Val Gardena

When an eventful day draws to an end, a thrilling evening is ready and waiting in the start spaces. Val Gardena in fact also has plenty to offer in the evenings to ensure your day in this Dolomite valley ends with a genuine experience.

Winter emotions in Val Gardena

The 30 most beautiful photos of this year's photography competition.

Photo competition "Winter emotions in Val Gardena"

Talented photographers and Val Gardena lovers had the chance to send us during the last months their best photos captured during winter in Val Gardena.
The top 30 winners will now be displayed from 02.09 until 09.09.2017 at an exhibition in the Raiffeisensaal, S. Cristina.

Val Gardena folklore festival, Marcià tla Dolomites, Ferragosto in Val Gardena, UNIKA...

An August full of events and emotions in Val Gardena!

Val Gardena isn’t all about nature and breathtaking sceneries set against the backdrop of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Val Gardena is a lot more.


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