Weather forecast in Val Gardena

Information about your hiking weather in Val Gardena and the Dolomites

There are around 300 days of sunshine in South Tyrol. That in itself is a good forecast. If you want to know what the weather will be really like, just follow the local weather forecast.

The weather in South Tyrol today 25.07.2017

General situation

With a northerly upper air flow cooler air masses are reaching the alpine area.

The Weather today

In the morning it will shine the sun, in the afternoon there are more clouds and rain showers will be possible. In many valley north foehn will blow.

The mountain weather today 25.07.2017

In the morning the mountain weather will be sunny, but it wil be windy and cool. In the course of the day some clouds will appear and in the afternoon rain showers are possible. The snow line range frome 2400 - 2700m.

The Weather in South Tyrol tomorrow 26.07.2017

General situation

The Weather tomorrow

The mountain weather tomorrow 26.07.2017


We 26.07Th 27.07Fr 28.07Sa 29.07

On Wednesday will be many clouds and some rain on the alpain crest. In the north of the country it will still cooler and the foehn is blowing. On Thursday there will be a mix of clouds and sunshine, the foehn be weaker. On Saturday and Sunday the sunshine will dominate in the whole country and it will be summery hot.