Val Gardena Style: the official Val Gardena clothing collection

Design meets tradition...

The Val Gardena: Idea "Val Gardena Style"

Val Gardena is a unique natural and cultural landscape, thriving at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Dolomites. However, Val Gardena is not only rocky mountains: in fact, the traditional art of woodcarving also plays a vital role in the valley’s tradition. This craft dates back to the 16th century and is to this very day still a significant branch of the valley’s industry. Val Gardena and its woodcarving are inseparable, just as Val Gardena and its mountains. No surprise then, that the ‘Val Gardena Style’ clothing collection chose to use ‘wood’ and ‘stones’ for their patterns and themes.


And, it goes without saying, the high-quality of the clothing is a given – just another Val Gardena trait which has been deftly sown into the clothing. Manuel Bottazzo, a famous designer, appeals to all groups thanks to his bespoke creations. Browse the collection in specialised Val Gardena boutiques and take a piece of Val Gardena back home with you.

Age group

Thanks to the diversity of materials, the ’Val Gardena Style‘ collection caters for all age groups.

  • 6 -15 years
  • 20 – 40 years
  • 40 – 60+ years

The Val Gardena Style collection can be found exclusively in various Val Gardena boutiques: