Nature & People

Discover the Dolomite landscape and they lifestyle of the inhabitants of the valley.

There are many who have fallen in love with Val Gardena's mountains during summer: those clear, blue skies, its fresh air, the flower fields, the mysterious forests, the pale, red-tinged sunset peaks of the mountains, the enchanted Dolomite nights.

Others have fallen in love with Val Gardena during winter: the snow covered land, the sparkling snow crystals, the challenging downhill slopes, the astonishing number of sports to try out and practice.

However, there's one thing which unites all visitors who have been to this holiday valley: once you experience Val Gardena you'll always be tempted to return and remain faithful to its attractions. It has a big heart and thousands of friends.

You too should enjoy a slice of Val Gardena. A spring weekend. An early winter week. Or a long succession of crisp, late summer days.

Don't be shy: meet the people of the valley. Talk to them, because they embody the typical Ladin joie de vivre.
Val Gardena is in fact the perfect embodiment of a European cultural melting pot. Keeping up traditions and customs, maintaining every cultural aspect, especially the Ladin language, is somewhat of a comfort and extension of identity to the local people.
'Bën uni' = 'Welcome'. You just have to listen to this mysterious language or take part in a traditional holiday, when valley inhabitants wear their traditional clothes, to fully submerge yourself in the splendour and glory of days past.
Not only is culture in Val Gardena alive: it also stirs you to life.