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Active holidays in Dolomites Val Gardena

Gardena is a natural paradise which has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to its beauty, biodiversity and uniqueness. When you’re visiting the region, you’ll feel compelled to enjoy Val Gardena out and about making the most of the fresh air, the mountain summits and the extended network of footpaths, hiking routes, cycling paths and lift facilities. There’s something for everyone when it comes to being active in Dolomites Val Gardena. Take winter, for example: ski fanatics can have as much fun as they want on the snow-covered slopes… the same slopes which welcome hikers, trail runners, cyclists and climbers during summer. Enjoy these outdoor activities and take part in guided tours, or maybe even enjoy the leisurely walking paths providing you with all the peace and quiet you need. Truth be told, it really doesn’t matter what you do in Dolomites Val Gardena and how ambitious of an athlete you are: all of your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views. Pure bliss!

Sport and fun: activities in Val Gardena

There’s no such thing as a dull day in Dolomites Val Gardena. There’s always plenty to do in the mountains and the valley’s villages, be it making the most of the picturesque, lush nature or in one of the indoor sports facilities. Lace up your hiking boots, hop onto the bicycle, ride a horse and discover Gardena at your own pace. As the saying goes, a healthy mind in a healthy body really does wonder for you sense of wellbeing.

On foot: running and Nordic walking

Nordic walking, trail running off the beaten track or just jogging: the possibilities are endless when it comes to running around Dolomites Val Gardena. Tie your shoelaces and enjoy the feeling of running on asphalt-free paths just as you like it: surrounded by nature, at your own pace, free from stress.

Horseback riding in Val Gardena

Enjoy a leisurely ride in the mountains or take a riding course in one of Val Gardena’s riding schools. Experience a completely new perspective on a horseback ride and rediscover the world of the Dolomites. If you would prefer taking a more leisurely approach to the horse-riding experience, we recommend a romantic carriage ride through the region’s picturesque locations.

The Kneipp path: a refreshing and a natural experience 

Sebastian Kneipp was one of modern medicine’s progressive thinkers. The core principle of his teachings are the Kneipp paths: these paths stimulate your circulation by walking through ice-cold water. The Kneipp facilities in Val d’Anna are located on a beautiful walking path. Enjoy the refreshing effect of wading in the freezing water and you’ll soon be convinced of the refreshing power of this bracing temperature set in a romantic location.

Striking a balance: the slackline park in Selva Val Gardena

Take your slacklines with you, tie them to one of the intended wooden trunks and set off! Balancing on one of the wobbly slacklines is very difficult at the beginning. Yet the challenge is what makes it fun and, before you know it, you’ll be daring yourself to go to the slackline park in Selva Val Gardena and try out the difficult park and perform your first tricks. Slacklines train your sense of balance and boost your confidence.

The highlights for your active holiday

  • „Val Gardena Active“ - Because it is entertaining to be active in Val Gardena
  • Hiking, biking, climbing and walking in the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites
  • Follow the call of the mountain - The climbing paradise "Dolomites Val Gardena"
  • The unique „Approved Bike Area“ for mountain bikers in South Tyrol
  • Activity and adventure: paragliding, slackline park, high rope trail, horse riding
  • THE running paradise in the Dolomites - the desire to move in the great outdoors
  • Get your circulation going - natural „Kneipp“ paths
  • Experience the culture actively on twelve stations: Culturonda Dolomythos
  • Südtirol Balance - find your own centre in a unique scenery
  • Burning Dolomites - one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the world

Great variety of activities for families

Every family member will find what they’re looking for during their active holiday in Dolomites Val Gardena. Yes, there are of course its famous hiking paths and bike paths; however, besides them is a whole raft of unique offers that are just waiting to be tried out! Try one of the tightrope walks at dizzying heights or take your children with you on a geo caching hunt, looking for the next adventure. Even the traditional walking path in the valley are well worth discovering and will deliver spectacular views and incredible photo opportunities.