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An exceptional race


Top–notch sportive performances and breathtaking views are part and parcel of this trail competition. It’s no walk in the park but the reward will be well worth it. The 2. Dolomites’ Saslong half marathon will kick off on 8 June 2019, taking athletes right across the picturesque landscape of the Sassolungo Group, a well-known location all over the world. The previously dubbed ‘Val Gardena mountain run’ is one of the most demanding running events in the Alps boasting 21 km and 900 m elevation gain.

The challenge

There are always two sides to a story and the Dolomites Saslong half marathon is no exception: after all, people have described it both as a challenge and as a rewarding experience. It all starts at 9 a.m. sharp on Monte Pana, where athletes will sprint off on a route which will take them across a varied landscape and five municipalities surrounding the Sassolungo. We’re talking of an asphalt–free terrain which cuts across hiking paths and dirt roads, boasting altitudes between 1,624 and 2,363 m above sea level. The goal? Return to Monte Pana and then wait with bated breath for the award ceremony, which will take place at 2 p.m. at the Cendevaves Hotel.

The Dolomites Saslong half marathon isn’t something newbies should attempt, what with its 900 m elevation gain and 21 km. Even experienced runners, should they wish to train a bit more in the run-up to the event, will discover that Val Gardena features a whole series of ideal routes.

What’s so attractive about the competition anyway? Well, for starters, the varied landscape which will warm the cockles of runners’ hearts: running on asphalt-free trails is a dream come true for many of them. On top of that, the beautiful view turns the Dolomites Saslong half marathon into an extraordinary event: after reaching the Comici Hut the athletes will run across the City of Rocks to Passo Sella boasting a breathtaking view across the Marmolada. The trail winds its way across an environmentally protected area. All participants are therefore asked to keep to the signposted route and to follow the directions.

The Alpine landscape and the trail forces the organiser, ASV Gherdeina Runners, to state that all participants need to demonstrate relevant preparation, physical fitness and appropriate equipment. Moreover, Italian participants are also required to undertake a physical and bring a valid certification with them. Non-Italian citizens can only participate upon presenting a health certificate issued by their family doctor or a valid club membership pass recognised by the IAFF.

  • Participants can register up to 31st of May at an early bird price of € 35.
  • On 1 June registrations will cost € 45.