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Ortisei in Val Gardena

A village perfect to stroll about in, discover new things and fall in love

Together with the smaller villages of S. Cristina and Selva Val Gardena, Ortisei is located in Dolomites Val Gardena, South Tyrol. Ortisei became famous thanks to its artfully decorated and carved wooden sculptures, which have been prepared by the deft hands of woodcarver families for generations now. The Dolomites Val Gardena craftsmanship continues to this very day to be a main driver of woodcarving offering a lot more than the world-famous nativity scenes.

Traditional hotels and beautiful residential buildings from the turn of the century characterise the village of Ortisei. Tourism has been the most important industry in the area already since the 19th century. The pedestrian area in Ortisei connects the chapel of Saint Ulrich to the Antonius church, and is described as the most beautiful shopping street in the Dolomites. Holiday-goers and other tourists can shop in the beautiful boutiques or sit down in one of the countless village cafes and enjoy a slice of homemade cake.

Heaven on earth

Ortisei is located right in the centre of Dolomites Val Gardena and is surrounded by countless mountains which make the location an ideal starting point for hikes and ski tours. The Seceda, Pitschberg mountain and the Resciesa are just some of the most important mountains that define the beautiful view from Ortisei.

We cannot say whether the penchant to Christianity in the area was determined by the heavenly location in the mountains or the direct confrontation with nature. However, what is certain, in 17th century countless families in Ortisei dedicated their lives to woodcarving and especially to creating biblical figures, representations of saints, and altars. To this very day, religious woodcarvings from Dolomites Val Gardena are coveted all over the world. Especially in the United States, the individuality and the high-quality of the woodcarving art of today is highly esteemed.

Sources prove that from the second half of the 19th century, mountain climbers discovered the beauty of Ortisei and visited the village, using it as the starting point for their mountain tours. In 1970, the Alpine Ski World Cup took place in Ortisei. Today, Ortisei is a pocket of heaven on earth for winter athletes of all disciplines. After the end of the winter sports season, hikers and mountain bikers come flocking to the location.

Highlights in Ortisei

  • Endless spectacular panoramas & an incredible variety of slopes
  • Direct connection to the Dolomiti Superski ski area and the Sellaronda
  • Authentic & multiple awarded natural beauties
  • Shopping in the centre of Ortisei
  • Fabulous summer health resort in the heart of the Dolomites
  • Refreshing walks on well signposted trails
  • Wonderful landscapes of meadows & typical farms
  • In addition to the hiking paradise: tennis, swimming & fitness

Sightseeing: what you shouldn’t miss in Ortisei

Ortisei invites its visitors to take a leisurely stroll across its lively pedestrian zone and live in the moment. Walk along the picturesque pedestrian zone and lift your gaze, now and again, from the well-prepared window fronts and look at the facades of the buildings in Ortisei. Visitors of the village should plan a dedicated day to visit its surrounding sightseeing opportunities. The churches and chapels in Ortisei are well worth a visit. Make the most of the opportunity to visit the places of worship and admire some of the most beautiful works of art by local sculptors. Saint Ulrich chapel from the 18th century is a real treat for the eyes thanks to its Renaissance and Baroque elements as well as artfully finished woodcarvings. In the oldest church of Dolomites Val Gardena, the San Giacomo church, you can admire the Baroque altar whose figures were finished by the Vinazer family, a family of artists if there ever was one. Visiting the S. Anna church requires you to take a leisurely stroll across the cemetery where, next to famous local artists, you’ll also find renowned director Lewis Trenker as well as mountain climbing legend Ludwig Norman-Neruda. Even the other churches conceal moving and artistic elements.

You simply have to plan a visit to the Gardena Museum and discover the vast collection of Dolomite Val Gardena’s woodcarving. You will find numerous artefacts from the valley’s prehistoric times and early history. Film fans can also visit a section dedicated to Luis Trenker and get closer to the world-famous director.

During walks and strolls around Ortisei you’ll also find monuments, ruins and well-preserved farms that will give you a taste of what tradition and culture mean in this uniquely beautiful region. In other words, Ortisei always surprises its guests!

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