Culture and lifestyle in the DolomitesCulturonda Dolomythos

Culture and lifestyle in the Dolomites

The cultural guide Culturonda® Dolomythos provides a new perspective of the Dolomites. It provides insight into the mountains, the people who inhabit them, their history and stories. The project embraces the South Tyrolean area of the Dolomites both geographically and thematically, bundling up twelve major topics: geology, the phenomenon of alpenglow, the minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein, legends and myths, trade routes, mountaineering, the beginnings of tourism, the Dolomite front in World War One, the Ladin language, water, natural monuments and the four nature reserves in the Dolomites.

Culturonda® Dolomythos has singled out three interesting aspects of each of the twelve topics for special emphasis, for example you will understand the rock's composition of the Dolomites along the ‘Geologist’s footpath’ on the Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, while the chapter on Ladin sagas delves into the legend of the ‘Parliament of the Marmots’.

Culturonda® Dolomythos is part of the Culturonda® cultural project. Culturonda® has drawn together the twelve most important cultural themes in South Tyrol presenting culture as a journey of discovery, among them the Dolomites, ‘Ötzi’, South Tyrol’s cuisine and wines. The routes can be planned individually and combined. Culturonda© reveals how culture in South Tyrol is much more than visits to churches and museums: culture in South Tyrol is savoir vivre, relevant to daily life and palpable at every turn.

A map is supplied with the Culturonda® Dolomythos brochure showing 40 places of cultural interest in the Dolomites. Click to view the "E-Book" version of the catalogue.