Crafted by Val Gardena mastersUnika art fair

Unika 2019

29.08. - 01.09.2019

You may be forgiven for thinking that Dolomites Val Gardena is only known for its hiking trails, its ski slopes, and its great hospitality. However, Val Gardena was also afforded international fame thanks to the local art of woodcarving. Every year, towards the end of the summer, guests have the opportunity to admire the newest works of local artists during the Unika art fair.

In August and September visitors will be able to take part in a very special event: since 1994 the Unika art fair has been taking place every year. This art event hasn’t only been attracting fans of traditional woodcarving for some time now. The art fair features around 30 local artists who would like to present their works once a year to a large audience. The artists aren’t only woodcarvers but they are also ‘barrel painters’, gilders and many other expert artisans besides. All the individuals who would like to exhibit their works don’t have any creative restrictions whatsoever; this means that visitors of the fair can expect a huge portfolio of different styles and themes. The only common trait among all the works of art and artists is local flavour. All works are individual pieces that can be purchased by visitors, too.

The art fair is a favourite among tourists because they have the option to literally look over the shoulder of the artists and speak with them. Many visitors are then inspired by the exhibitors to roll up their sleeves and take up an artistic activity as a hobby or as a profession. Other guests come to the fair especially because of the varied fringe programme offering an insight into working with different materials and tools.

The Unika art fair, what with its exhibition area of over 500 m², is a destination that requires plenty of time to be planned. The Unika fair is the ideal location for visitors who want to discover more about the beloved holiday destination and why the local crafts enjoy such an outstanding claim to fame.