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A valley bursting with tradition, culture and character

All the ingredients that go into making a perfect holiday can be found in Dolomites Val Gardena: three beautiful villages where exclusive hotels, rustic guesthouses and plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries are waiting just for you; the beautiful natural landscape which will make you forget about the everyday grind and a sportive offer make the decision to come here an easy one. Take the time to discover the multifaceted offer of Dolomites Val Gardena. We really don’t mind when you decide to come and visit us: come for a hike in the warmer seasons of the year or ski during winter!

Magical Dolomites Val Gardena: geography and history

Dolomites Val Gardena is located in the heart of Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of their uniqueness, their beauty and their incredible importance for humanity. Which is also why they were put under special protection. You can detect right from the get go what’s so special about this valley when arriving in Selva Val Gardena, Ortisei or S. Cristina and know that you’re surrounded by these powerful, impressive mountains. Locals speak Ladin, a language which is older than Italian and is still taught today in the local schools. Of course they also speak Italian and German. You can expect to have a good chinwag here in Dolomites Val Gardena. After all, tourism is the most important industry branch which goes hand-in-hand with the local’s hospitality. Dolomites Val Gardena stretches over 25 km and offers the perfect environment for an active holiday what with the Dolomites, the Puez-Odle nature park as well as idyllic Meadows. Fall under the spell of the Sassolungo and the Sella massif!

Archaeological findings and geological research hint to the fact that Dolomites Val Gardena had already been settled in prehistoric times. What is certain is that after the ruthless Middle Ages, in the 17th century Dolomites Val Gardena experienced its heyday as the art of woodcarving became ever more popular as many of the poor farmers in Val Gardena started to whittle religious wooden statues and altars. Sources prove that in the 18th century, Dolomites Val Gardena boasted more than 40 woodcarvers: an impressive figure when compared to the overall population.

Would you like to learn more about the lively history of Dolomites Val Gardena? You should absolutely visit the Gardena Museum which will bring you closer to the tradition of woodcarving, archaeological finds and many other interesting pieces of local culture. Even a visit to the San Giacomo church or the chapel on Monte Pana is well worth your time if you’re a culture vulture: in the places of worship you can find some of the most well-known works of art by local woodcarvers.

For unfettered access to history you can also visit the two mediaeval castle ruins in Selva Val Gardena and Ortisei. Would like to learn more about how the local landscape was shaped? We recommend you go on a geological tour peppered with information boards.

Being active doesn’t have to be a drag

If you book a holiday in Dolomites Val Gardena, then you’ll most likely spend most of the time outdoors taking in that fresh air. The fresh mountain air, lush green meadows and an apparently infinite network of hiking trails invite you to go outside, be active and forget the everyday grind. Even climbers, mountain climbers and mountain bikers can have fun in Dolomites Val Gardena. There are different vie ferratewhich can be easily reached from Dolomites Val Gardena in a short time. Incidentally, did you know that mountain climbing legend Luis Trenker was born in Dolomites Val Gardena and is buried here?

With the first snow, Dolomites Val Gardena turns into a veritable winter wonderland. The lift facilities will take you directly to the largest skiing carousel of the world: Dolomiti Superski. To use the lifts, all you need is one ski pass. Get ready for a blast, whizzing down on crystal clear white snow. Try out a snowshoe hike, sleigh down the perfectly groomed hills or test your stamina by taking up cross-country skiing. Fun parks, the Sellaronda and slopes for every level make skiing in Dolomites Val Gardena a pleasure for the whole family. Once a year, the creme de la creme of skiing is celebrated by Dolomites Val Gardena. Be part of the live audience during one of the Ski World Cup races and support the stars as they hurtle down the slope!

Dolomites Val Gardena has plenty more to offer besides mountain sports. From swimming pools to an ice rink, tennis courts and an ice hockey stadium: as you can see Dolomites Val Gardena has just about everything to warm the cockles of your sporty heart!

Not only visitors but also locals are huge sports fans, so much so that numerous World Cup winners from the most diverse disciplines come from Dolomites Val Gardena.

Rewarding your trust!

You always return to a place you like. Holiday goers in Val Gardena always come back. The Dolomite Valley, after all, is too unique to be visited only once. Even our exceptional hospitality contributes to guests feeling at home and has created lasting friendships over the years. Of course, this trust in our valley and hotels has to be rewarded because Val Gardena is incredibly proud of its regular guests. All people who have stayed in the same accommodation for at least ten years shall receive a certificate and a small present. Consult your landlord.

Where guests are always welcome

In Dolomites Val Gardena you’ll find hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments for all tastes. Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, all of them are family-run businesses. So you can spend the nights with true locals who will always give you a warm welcome and have insider tips up their sleeves just for you. Food is also an element which will never disappoint in Dolomites Val Gardena thanks to traditional and modern dishes prepared using fresh and regional ingredients.

Spectacular and down-to-earth, impressive and humble, traditional and modern: this is Dolomites Val Gardena!