A race peppered with challenges


The Sellaronda is one of the most beautiful skiing carousels in the whole world and is visited every year by countless skiers during the winter season. Hop into a lift in Dolomites Val Gardena up into the mountains and access the carousel to be rewarded by stunning views and slopes for every skiing level. And, once a year, the Sellaronda takes on a completely new shape: indeed, normally families and expert skiers would explore the carousel but on this special occasion 1,000 participants will be testing their strength, their stamina and their flexibility as well as their courage during the Sellaronda skiing marathon.

What’s so special about the race anyway

The Sellaronda skiing marathon has a track record spanning 20 years. A group of entrepreneurial and passionate skiers asked themselves if they could complete the Sellaronda at night and, before you know it, the Sellaronda marathon was born. There were some rules to follow, of course, for example only touring skis would be allowed and the only accepted form of illumination would be the helmet’s torch, as it gives off sparse light. A wish which resulted in one of the most extraordinary ski races. To this very day, the twinkling stars in the sky and the helmets of the around 1,000 participants are the only sources of light that illuminate the way ahead. Skiers compete in teams of two across 42 km featuring a good 2,800 m elevation gain uphill making this a veritable athletic challenge. Even the dizzying descents of the most famous night-time ski alpine race are legendary.

Can I join?

The Sellaronda skiing marathon is also known as ‘the formula 1 of skiing’. Darkness, the extremely motivated skiers and the athletic challenge require outstanding physical fitness, a strong will and plenty of courage. Only those who adapt really well to their surroundings will have the chance to stand on the podium with their partner. Registrations are limited. If you’re interested in taking part in the Sellaronda skiing marathon you should prepare well for the race and register in time with your partner. The next Sellaronda skiing marathon takes place on 28 March 2019.