Comfortable, safe and modernLifts in Val Gardena

Open facilities Val Gardena / Alpe di Siusi

For transported animals, bicycles or other objects the lift facilities can require an extra charge. If you would like to use the lifts for several days, then you may want to buy the Gardena Card or the Dolomiti SuperSummer ticket. All information is provided without warranty.

Val Gardena / Alpe di Siusi
Cable car1 (Tot. 1)
Detachable gondola ropeway8 (Tot. 8)
Gondola ropeway1 (Tot. 1)
Detachable chairlift0 (Tot. 2)
Detachable chairlift with canopy4 (Tot. 4)
Chairlift 1/24 (Tot. 4)
Telemix1 (Tot. 1)
Cable railway1 (Tot. 1)
Ortisei: Resciesa - Seceda - Col Raiser - S. Cristina
Ortisei-Furnes - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
Furnes-Seceda - Cable caropened
Resciesa - Cable railwayopened
Fermeda - Detachable chairliftclosed
Col Raiser - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
Ortisei - Alpe di Siusi (A.A.C. 2S) - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
S. Cristina - Monte Pana
S.Cristina-Monte Pana - Chairlift 1/2opened
Mont de Seura - Detachable chairlift with canopyopened
Selva - Dantercepies
Dantercepies II - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
Cir - Detachable chairliftclosed
Dantercepies I - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
S. Cristina - Ciampinoi - Selva
Ciampinoi - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
Selva - Plan de Gralba
Gran Paradiso - Detachable chairlift with canopyopened
Piz Seteur 1 - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
Selva - Sella Pass
Forcella Sassolungo - Gondola ropewayopened
Alpe di Siusi
Bullaccia * - Telemixopened
Florian * - Detachable chairlift with canopyopened
Marinzen * - Chairlift 1/2opened
Panorama * - Detachable chairlift with canopyopened
Seis - Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm (A.A.C. 2S) * - Detachable gondola ropewayopened
Spitzbuehl * - Chairlift 1/2opened
Zur Sonne - Chairlift 1/2opened
* this lift is NOT included in the Gardena Card