The new way of treasure huntingGeocaching

Geocaching in Val Gardena

Nearly everyone will have heard of this modern-day treasure hunt where the fun of playing the game is combined with a hike. The „treasures“ come in the shape of caches (or containers) which are hidden somewhere in the great outdoors. The hunt starts online at Here you can log in to create a free account. This is the official Geocaching database where you will find the rules of the game, tips and information, as well as GPS coordinates of the places where caches are hidden and can be found using a GPS device or GPS-enabled Smartphone – in this case in the area of S. Cristina and Val Gardena in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Geocache containers which are located in each of the hideouts also include a notebook (or Log Book). By entering your details in the Log Book, you are recording your part in the treasure hunt. It is important to leave the container exactly as it was found. Should the container be found out in the open rather than hidden, it must be camouflaged in such a way that people not taking part in the game and unaware of the rules will be unable to find it.

Geocaching is an exciting way to explore the UNESCO site in the Dolomites and the exceptionally beautiful landscape around Val Gardena where you may discover some unknown, as yet untouched places.

Geocaching routes in Val Gardena

Geocaching „I lech de Mastlé“

The lakes of Mastlé-Seceda. Explore the idyllic lakes and water biotopes of Mastlé Alm in S. Cristina and find the hidden Geocaches! Each cache contains a word which must be memorised. There are four words in total which form a short sentence. Go to S. Cristina tourist office, tell them what the sentence is and you will receive your surprise. The coordinates of the four lakes for your GPS device or GPS-enabled Smartphone are as follows:

  • Lech Sant N 46° 35.171 E 011° 43.791
  • Lech da Trëbe N 46° 35.164 E 011° 43.921
  • Lech da Pertan N 46° 35.125 E 011° 44.117
  • Lech dl gran Jacun N 46° 35.047 E 011° 44.255

Geocaching „PanaRaida“

A treasure hunt for all the family! Why don‘t you and your children join in this modern-day treasure hunt? If you do, there is a great surprise for the kids to be won! Along the PanaRaida adventure trail, there are a total of three adventure stations where „Geocaches“ (containers) have been hidden. Each of these contains a word which must be memorised. Once you have found all three words go to S. Cristina tourist office, tell them the three words and you will receive your surprise (or „treasure“).
This is how it works: Enter the following coordinates into your GPS device or GPS-enabled Smartphone:

  • N 46° 32.783 E 011° 43.208 - Labyrinth - to locate the first hideout.
    The cache you will find contains the first of the three words and also the coordinates of the next hideout!

For informations about the treasure hunt and to create a free account please contact the Tourist Office S. Cristina Val Gardena.