Spring Race Party

The great winter sport celebration in spring


Why should skiing and snowboarding only be fun during winter? Every year, Dolomites Val Gardena invites passionate winter sport athletes in March to the Spring Race Party. This is a very special competition for everyone who would like to have fun during a ski sport event in spring.

The Spring Race Party takes place every year in the second half of March, i.e. that period of time where the first hiking holiday-goers mix with the last ski fanatics. The former can be seen walking around the hiking paths, finally rid of snow, admiring the first blossoms on the Alpine meadows, while the latter use every single available inch of snow to practice their favourite hobby.

Guaranteed fun

You can enjoy peace and quiet in Dolomites Val Gardena all year round. However, the March weekend of the Spring Race is the perfect excuse for organising a terrific party! It’s a fun obstacle challenger that will take skiers from the Seceda meadow right to the centre of Ortisei; here, all the brave and brazen souls who took part will be welcomed by the party of a lifetime.

The participating teams always come up with funny costumes, be it bathrobes, a swimming costume or funny hats and wear them as they ski. During the Spring Race locals and guests mingle in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The winning team wins a money prize they can donate to a good cause of their choice. The highlight of this phase of dexterity is the massive party which takes place at the end of the sport event. Cult personality DJ Ondy and DJ Simon will create great vibes with their music. Local food producers and restaurants will take care of your culinary needs. In the centre of Ortisei you can take part in wine tasting sessions featuring one or two bottles of especially good vintages, which will just add to the mellow and pleasant experience of the event!

If you would like to participate during the next spring race, simply visit Facebook or the organiser’s online page for regularly updated information. All holiday-goers and locals who are in the mood for good music, company and fun are invited to the party!