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Correct dog behaviour

Dear ‚Dog Lovers‘!

You and your dog are well welcomed in Val Gardena. To ensure you have a fun holiday in Val Gardena with your dog, we have created this guide which includes many tips, suggestions and a wealth of information on how to spend the perfect holiday with your dog in a coveted tourist destination. The Dolomites benefit from a very special protection thanks to their status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That is why, if you’re taking your canine friend on holiday with you, you need to remember a couple of things.

  • Leash obligation: First, remember that your dog can’t help his or her natural instinct to hunt. Pay special attention to the fact that he or she is on a leash at all times. The leash of middle or big dogs can’t be longer than one meter.
  • Transport: Dogs must be on a leash at all times when boarding public transport (trains and buses). They also have to wear a muzzle. Pets can board the vehicles on payment of one single ticket. Guide dogs and small-size pets are not subject to a ticket charge.
  • Dog cleaning stations: We’ve set up more dog cleaning stations for our four-legged friends in Val Gardena. Here you can find plastic bags to clean up after your dog. Please ensure that you clean up after your dogs with the provided bags as soon as possible.
  • Every dog has to be registered close to the registry office and must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Safety: Dogs mustn’t go into the areas, which are reserved for children. These areas are indicated from special signs.

The Alpine Dogs Association Val Gardena (until the end of September) organises a talk at the UNESCO Info Point in S. Cristina every Monday between 5 and 6 pm on the following topic:

  • First aid for dogs: recognising threats, care and first aid.
  • Correct dog behaviour
  • Dog grooming and shower
  • Courses with trained dog guides on the Mulin da Coi training ground

The "Alpin Dogs" Association Val Gardena, will also provide you with a muzzle, leash, etc. for purchase or hire. Contact:

“Alpin Dogs” Association
Tel.: +39-335-257215

Dr. Lorenzo Muraro
Str. Chemun, Cesa Bensté 39/A
Tel.: +39-340-2987229