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The highest village in Dolomites Val Gardena

Placed directly below the Sella massif, the plateau-shaped mountain which appears as though it’s carrying the weight of the heavens on its shoulders, lies the picturesque village of Selva Val Gardena. Opposites create a true harmony in Selva Val Gardena which attracts countless visitors to Dolomites Val Gardena every year: modernity meets a bucolic setting, sport goes hand-in-hand with recovery, the perfect infrastructure alternates with leisurely and isolated meadows and paths. Dive into a world that will sweep you under its spell within a couple of seconds.

The perfect location surrounded by breathtaking nature 

Selva Val Gardena is located at the heart of a beautiful natural landscape, a picturesque valley surrounded by the Dolomite mountain ranges which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Part of the Puez Group, the Cir summits, and even parts of the legendary Sella and Sassolungo Group surround Dolomites Val Gardena.

Due to its picturesque location at the heart of the Dolomites, Selva Val Gardena is a favourite holiday destination for active holiday–goers. Tourism is one of the main industries in Selva. Countless hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and ski schools pepper the location. As one of the access points to the Sellaronda, during the winter season Selva Val Gardena is also visited by tourists wanting to complete the Sella circuit on their skis.

Across the schools of not only Selva Val Gardena but also the valley’s other two municipalities, children are taught Ladin. Together with Italian and German, it makes up the Dolomites Val Gardena’s official languages.

There’s so many ways to keep fit: sports in Val Gardena

Selva Val Gardena is ideal for an active holiday. The mountains surrounding Dolomites Val Gardena could be described as the largest gym in the world. Even families with children will find plenty of opportunities to stay active and spend their holidays taking in that fresh mountain air, an essential ingredient for their recovery.

Selva Val Gardena is no exception. If you would like to take up climbing, a small climbing garden is the perfect introduction to such a discipline, an offer exclusively meant for beginners due to its easy climbs. The hiking paths in Selva Val Gardena and Dolomites Val Gardena represent such an extensive network that tourists who’ve been coming here for years still haven’t managed to walk on every single one of them and always discover new routes. If you don’t have your hiking boots with you, you can just take a leisurely stroll across the valley and enjoy the peace and quiet which characterises the long gone rhythm of a life lived on the fields.

In the last years, Selva Val Gardena has become a favourite starting point for fearless mountain bikers wanting to whiz down the mountains and face steep climbs. The HERO Südtirol Dolomites is one of the hardest mountain bike events on the scene and is a must for all fans. During winter, Selva Val Gardena is the training ground of skiers, snowboarders and sleighs. Even snowshoe hikes have become popular. Anyone wanting to be part of the live audience of a World Cup race at least once in their lives should jot down the dates for both races in Dolomites Val Gardena. If instead they want to be an active skier, they can take the lift directly up to the Sellaronda. But even the ‘Mountain Christmas’ Christmas market and the snowman competition provide for plenty of fun during the winter season.

Highlights in Selva Val Gardena

  • Skipass Dolomiti Superski for winter fun on more than 12 km of skislopes
  • Good mood between Après-Ski & Live-Music
  • Active holiday: from ice skating to snowshoeswalking and toboganing
  • Music events, art exhibitions and artisan markets
  • Traditional and mediterranean delicacies & Haute Cuisine
  • Castles and magical churches

Sightseeing and cultural events

There’s never a dull day in Selva Val Gardena. If during your holiday you don’t fancy going out and about, why not head to one of our wellbeing hotels for a pampering offer or make a day trip to one of the sightseeing opportunities in Selva Val Gardena and the region? Dolomites Val Gardena is famous for its beautiful churches and chapels. You could go and visit the famous ‘Maria Himmelfahrt’ chapel and the ‘Silvester’ chapel in the Vallelunga. If you happen to encounter a church during your stroll in Selva Val Gardena, make the most of the opportunity whenever possible and visit the place of worship. The Dolomites Val Gardena churches often house works of art by sculptors and woodcarvers by famous regional artists. A rewarding day trip is also the Selva Val Gardena castle ruins, which has given its name to the beautiful village at the foot of the Sella massif.

Besides the sightseeing opportunities you should also participate in some of the countless events that take place in Selva Val Gardena! Enjoy the ridiculously fun canederli thematic trail hunt, see how things are done in a mountain hut, and enjoy a refreshing blonde at the Gherdëina Craft Beer Festival!

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