Adventure trailPanaRaida

10 adventure stations

Monte Pana - S. Cristina Val Gardena

At the parking place of Monte Pana you find the starting point of the adventure trail PanaRaida. From here walk towards the Station at the bottom of the chairlift Mont Sëura to begin the path clockwise or anticlockwise. The path runs across meadows and fields and is peppered with 10 adventure stations using natural products. Ideal entertainment for children and parents alike. The unique backdrop sets the tone for the whole walk and guarantees a fun time surrounded by nature for all the family.

Photo setup at the entrance of the trail
At the entrance of the Monte Pana parking space you will find the entrance to the ‘natural experience trail‘ of PanaRaida. Near the entrance you will see a small scene with the Sassolungo as a background. This is where you can take a snapshot of your experience on the PanaRaida to take home with you.

Wooden horse carriage
This small horse carriage made out of pine wood will light up the eyes of your children with delight! Let them hop and ride on the horses, play with them, even practice some horse-vaulting! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of space in the sprung horse carriage for them to wiggle, swing and balance on their tiptoes and they scream in giddy delight!

Natural World Heritage Cinema
Next up is the Dolomites World Heritage Cinema, where you can marvel at the stunning scenic view on the unique mountains of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Puez Odle Nature Park and the imposing Sassolungo and Sassopiatto. You can also use a telescope (or do without one) to see every summit, then comparing it with the wood carved mountains created at the S. Cristina workshops.

Water playground and picnic area
Direct water over the wooden channels or the wooden water wheel and then stop its flow… stopper water channels with wooden pegs…fill small lakes … splash water to your heart’s content… this and much more can be experienced by children on the water playing ground! You can also have a picnic on nearby tables and benches.

Discover the fascinating world of labyrinths. Behind these mysterious signs and designs hide many different enigmas. A maze has many ways and crossroads, while a labyrinth has only one way which continuously changes direction, leading inexorably to the centre.

Giant forest swing
A very special swinging experience awaits everyone on a thick branch of a gigantic spruce tree. Sit on your own or with someone else on the double swing under the cool respite offered by the tree’s branches. Ideal for children and adults. Even they can let their inner child scream with joy on this swing!

Tree houses
Three interlinked tree houses are perfect for climbers and little monkeys. Climb, hide away, dare to cross rope walkways and create your own phantasy world… something amazing for our small guests!

Small, wooden cable car
Hop onto a wooden box on a cable which runs from one tree to another: a unique cable car experience! Just pull on the chain and off you go!

Art gallery
Students of the 3rd year of the “Cademia“ art institute in Ortisei have created a tunnel filled with artistic animals, insects and plants from the Dolomites and their legends. Discover the ibis, eagle, deer as well as dwarves, elves and huge insects.

The water biotope with Kneipp water-treading basin
The water biotope, a refreshing paradise! Adults and children can dip their toes and feet in the water of the small Kneipp trail or walk barefoot on the grass. Comfy wooden deckchairs ensure relaxing moments.


A treasure hunt for all the family!

Why don‘t you and your children join in this modern-day treasure hunt? If you do, there is a great surprise for the kids to be won! Along the PanaRaida adventure trail, there are a total of three adventure stations where „Geocaches“ (containers) have been hidden. Each of these contains a word which must be memorised. Once you have found all three words, go to S. Cristina tourist office, tell them the three words and you will receive your surprise (or „treasure“).

This is how it works:

  • Enter the following coordinates into your GPS device or GPS-enabled Smartphone:
    N 46° 32.965 E 011° 43.154 - Labyrinth - to locate the first hideout.
  • The cache you will find contains the first of the three words and also the coordinates of the next hideout!
  • For informations about the treasure hunt and to create a free account please contact the Tourist Office S. Cristina Val Gardena.
  • "Geocaching in Val Gardena - Dolomites" (PDF)