The Dolomites: a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Reinhold Messner is not alone in thinking that these are the most beautiful mountains in the world

A location has to be extremely special to even think about appearing on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It has to present a unique, unspoiled natural landscape and be safeguarded by outstanding environmental laws.
In terms of uniqueness, the Dolomites have outclassed any other place in the world for their beauty, the diversity in natural landscapes and their geological and geomorphological significance.

The beauty of the Dolomites: simply splendid

The Dolomites, also known by their other moniker, Pale Mountains, with their fine beauty are the most beautiful mountains in the world. Everyone knows of the unusual splash of colours lighting up their peaks, and the contrast between the soft lines of the rolling hills and the jagged, powerful peaks reaching for the sky.

The uniqueness of the Dolomites: unmistakable

The Dolomites are one of the most imposing mountain landscapes on the planet: the range of mountain formations is mind-numbing. Geologists made their way to these mountain massifs quite some time ago and the numerous paintings, letters and pictures are all witness to the fact that these mountains have always been a unique attraction. More info...

The geology and geomorphology of the Dolomites: of great historical significance

The Dolomites have also played an important role on the international geomorphological scene, as this is where scientists can observe how mountains originated. The area has different formations which are the product of weathering, plate tectonics and glaciation. This location is thus of great significance. More info...

The Dolomites have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 26th June 2009. This is not only a very important recognitions, it also serves as a reminder of our duty to the Dolomites: to protect and sustainably develop this mountain area. They are a natural and cultural heritage which humanity as a whole should benefit from. Val Gardena is up for this task and is strongly engaged in protecting the region by supporting environmental laws- this is the only way we can protect these treasures of nature. More info...


Dolomiti UNESCO Ebook

The genesis of the Dolomites

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

In 2009 UNESCO listed the Dolomites as a World Heritage Site. This is a complex property both in terms of its geography and its administration, consisting of 9 systems covering a total area of 142,000 hectares located in 5 Italian provinces and 3 regions. With the agreement of UNESCO, the Foundation was set up in 2010, its mission to ensure the efficient management of this serial property, promoting its sustainable development and encouraging the various local authorities, all with their different administrative frameworks, to work in partnership.

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