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In good hands: It’s the journey that counts!

It’s the journey that counts. This maxim could have been thought specifically for Val Gardena. Regardless of where you go, you’re constantly surrounded by an incomparable scenery: the Dolomites, the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Adam Holzknecht is a mountain guide, just like the famous Luis Trenker was back in the day. He’s a member of the Catores Climbing Association, a community of the most skilled climbers in the valley boasting a long-standing tradition. Moreover, he’s member of the alpine rescue organisation of Val Gardena since the age of 17, and currently active also as president at the Aiut Alpin Dolomites (translated from Ladin it does mean alpine rescue Dolomites), an air rescue service. Immerse yourself in this new story of the dolomitesmagazine.it series.