Beautiful nature

Small and colourful is what Val Gardena looks like in its full bloom spring, with swathes of crocuses, violets, snowbells covering the land. A couple of weeks later, dense blankets of rhododendrons brighten the feet of the ‘pale mountains’. White and green Alpine poppies reach for the sunshine, rising out of gravel and rubble piles. The summer floral variety is of a touching beauty, with 30 different bellflowers, orchids, tiger and martagon lilies peppering the landscape. A true and rare beauty in the mountains is the rampion, the queen of flowers. No queen would be complete without its very own royal court, decked in colourful king-of-the-Alps, white dryads and cinquefoils.

Roman Runggaldier is a wood carver, hunter and an experienced wildlife observer. He’s been showing guests the treasures of the local flora and fauna on snowshoe excursions and summer hikes for over 17 years. Another great story from the "Dolomites Magazine", just waiting to be read.