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A doorway to other cultures

Tyrol’ is a word of Ladin origin. Its root derives from the word ‘troi’, meaning ‘path’. It’s an ancient language, and the whole Ladin culture in the Dolomites is just as ancient: a good 2,000 years old, to be precise. Religious rituals, rural festivities and processions, music and songs changed more than once over the course of the centuries. Even storytelling, mainly of Dolomite legends, and art aren’t the same as they once were, constantly adapting to the periods they were in.

The Romans influenced the Ladin language and the soon-tofollow Christian period moulded local religious traditions. Over the course of the centuries, the Ladins were also influenced by the German and Italian culture. Yet they’ve always remained true to their spirit. And the best thing is they’re proud to share their cultural heritage with their guests.